Hai i am Kimblee. Nice to meet you. well to be honest i am new in this blog, hope can become good friends..
I have created a few stanzas of poems hope can share it with everyone...Enjoy and opinion.:) we use and see but we did not realize it....
The word Repeat,
   will always repeat,
Denies or attempts,
   It will always REPEAT.

wondrous colours and shapes you may appear,
   beggars becoming kings,
nobles slaughtered because of you,
   as you are in everyone's wallet.

Words, used by many,
   dreadful as you can be,
joy as you can become,
   perhaps, that is what you are...WORDS.
                                                                                   by: Kimblee

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RaihanahMM said...

Hi Kimblee.

Stanza 2 stands out more for me. I feel it appears to criticise the importance we place on money, would that be right? If so, wouldnt you consider developing that a little bit more? :)

Stanza's 1 and 3 can be placed together to become a separate poem in itself about the value of words and how it has come to symbolise so many different things to so many different people.

all the best.

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