This is Hachiko.

hachi means 'eight'; a number referring to the dog's birth order and meaning prince or duke. Hachikō was an Akita dog born on a farm near the city of Ōdate. Hachikō is a royal companion since older generation.

and this is a true story.

i watched a movie called Hachi: A Dog Story last week. its not a Korean or Japanese movie but it is in English. It was directed in 2009 by Lasse Hallstrom, starring Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Sarah Roemer. 

the story is about a loyal dog that loves its master so much. Its master ,  name Parker, is a married guy that has a stable job, happy marriage and beloved daughter. his life was perfect but he feels the loneliness after the death of his son. one day, when he found the dog, his life changed. he becomes more happy and energetic. 

Every single day, the dog will send him to the train station in the morning, and wait for him at 5 in the evening. Hachi will wait at the same spot until he arrives at the station. Parker never teaches Hachi to do so.
everybody at the station knows Hachi and his loyalness. 

the story reached the climax when Parker died of happiness. *u have to see the movie to know why* Hachi waited for him at the station but he didnt turns up. her daughter took Hachi away to  live with her after Parker died but every 5 oclock in the evening, Hachi will come and wait and the same spot at the station. Hachi soon stayed in the station and keeps waiting for Parker everyday, every falls, every winter ; for 9 years.

Hachi died there at the station, on winter,  at the exact spot; waiting for Parker.

Today, a bronze statue of Hachiko sits in his waiting spot outside the Shibuya railroad station.

from my view, 
firstly, its a sad story. a really sad one. i cried like crazy. i never thought i will be so touched watching a dog story. i think basically its about a broken hearted dog that loves his master so much. at the first time Parker found the dog, i felt the chemistry in them. i felt like its not Parker who found the dog, Hachi found him. he escaped some how and just stand there in front of Parker. Hachi had loved him ever since. Hachi is not an ordinary dog. it doesnt play fetch. However, i think Hachi willingly fetch for him because Hachi wants to impress him. because he knows, Parker will be happy and loves him. the waiting part is just to show the loyalness of Hachi. he never been asked to do that. Hachi just want to show how much he cares for Parker. after Parker died, Hachi is broken hearted. he doesnt care to find food, he doesnt care for the weather, he just sit there wait for him.the part that Hachi died is very sad because before he died, he dreamed Parker arrives at the station and hug him.  :(

please please go and watch the movie. 
i would love to hear your thoughts.
p/s: another recommended movie is Marley and Me.

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Hun Yen Yow said...

I know this movie, I have a copy of this movie, and I am going to watch this movie

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