KITTY'S story

Hi. It is nice to join in this blog. I am kind of new in blogging,so sorry for any mistakes. As a first year student studying critical appreciation it has been a wonderful experience. Although it has been just a couple of weeks studying this subject, but i am already in love with it, as well as for all the subject i am taking this semester. Life in university is wonderful as i got to meet many friends from all over Malaysia and some foreign students. My course mate is the best as i got to learn a lot from them. They are all so sweet and is always there to lend a helping hand whenever i am in problem. My lecturers is the best team of lecturers that i can ask for. Always there to guide us. I will like to thank all the lecturers for being so wonderful. Thank you from bottom of my heart to everyone. See you all soon. Take care and bye for now.

love: Kitty

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