My confession~~~

‘Ok! I’ll write... Oh my...Stop talking to me could you????!!’ This is me talking with the voice in my head. Every single day since Dr. Rai said; “guys, you all need to write in a blog,” the voice keep telling me to just go and write. (At first I was panic because I don’t even know how to open a blog!) But then the voice said, ‘Never mind, there’s always a first time for everything.’

My confession~~~

For so long I’ve wanted to do this (write, I want to become a writer) but I don’t know how to express my feelings, thoughts and ideas into interesting words. There seems so much going on in my mind, that when I started pouring one out, it does not stop until I got mental block (could that be possible??? Is it happening only to me or is there someone else out there suffers from this??? Or am I just simply not talented enough???) See! I’m rambling. Ok stop!

Last time we talk about fear. If you guys still remember the video in our lecture with Dr. Rai from www.awomansworld.com. Women nowadays are strong. We does not sit and cry in the corner if anything unfortunate ever to happen to us but instead we held our head up high and find our way through it. But then, is it fear and weakness if women cared so much, she become worried for everything that’s happening around her? Is it weakness if she is scared of gaining weight, of getting old (not all women but majority), and so much more. Is it only because she wants to get herself worried or are there any other pushing factors? So here we came to think of an issue. Credit to Dr. Rai because I admit, it never crosses my mind to think of an issue, a bigger picture behind all stories and behaviors.

Back to the topic ‘My confession~~~

I AM SCARED OF WRITING! From before I have tried to write about a dozen times. They all ended halfway. Why? This is because my real life stories had had a sad ending and had been a rollercoaster ride. You don’t understand the link to why I’m scared of writing? Ok let me explain. Before this, all of my stories are related to my real life (I have yet to improve my imagination skills to make a ‘not related to dead or alive person story’ ), at some moment before I begin writing, my life was like in heaven (simile), but short after I try to describe it in my story, abruptly something bad will happen. I’m not being illogic or superstitious, but on the other hand, it does not take only one story for me to made up this conclusion. It’s a chained event and happens continuously. So, that is the root to my fear (hyperbole, proud to say, i did my figurative language presentation last week!!!). I’m braving myself to take this course (Elit) because of my undying love (personification, again, i did my figurative language presentation last week!!!) in writing and if only there is someone out there that could help me overcome my fear, I’m sending my S.O.S here…HELP!!!

Your coursemate,


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Yow Hun Yen said...

You can be a writer if you want to. Try to set some targets like "I want to write at least 300words per day for my novel" so that you can continue your writing.Follow it and treat it as important as meals and sleep. The story might be slightly unorganised at the beginning,but then the main purpose is to exercise your brain by using it more frequent. And read more books.(wink)

Critical Appreciation said...

+Reply 2 Onion, izit? Heh well, I do try 2, but yea, it's disorganized, duno which 2 put 1st n wotsoever, hehe, that's y i'm tryin 2 learn, learn write. =)

Critical Appreciation said...

-Penthius here btw.=P

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