Ray of Sun

Just a little something I've written.

Dedicated to Dr.Rai:

Like a little long lost child in search of a way out,
We huddle together and work as a team,
In search of an inspiration beyond our thoughts,
That comes together so perfectly under your guide.

Like the ray of the sun, you shone us with direction,
And for that we are grateful, from the bottom of our heart.

By, Jane.

If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy. [You can check the If I were a Girl at the original post comments. TQ]

If I were a boy,
I'll ask for your hand,
To dance through the night,
Until the dawn breaks.

If I were a boy,
I'll caress your hair,
Leaving it down,
Beautifully flown.

If I were a boy,
I'll take you with me,
To my secret haven,
A place where the sun rise.

If I were a boy,
I'll keep you safe in my arms,
Wiping your tears,
Away from your eyes.

If I were a boy,
I'll tickle you laugh,
Making you smile,
Every second that counts.

If I were a boy,
I'll take you as you are,
Treasure you like a pearl.
Love you with everything I have.

With Love♥Jane
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