Simile: a figure of speech comparing two unlike things

Phew~ I’ve been trying to login to this account since week 3. This is my first post, of course. I’ve got some free time today, so I’ve change our blog’s template. But if anyone find this template quite childish, feel free to change it.
Being a ‘super senior’ I was quite nervous as I thought I won’t get along with this year [2010] 1st year students [because of our age-gap. LOL] but thanks goodness you guys were very warm and welcoming. So I guess I can relax and enjoy my critical classes with you guys. 1st year Elit is like hot chocolate, sweet and warm [simile, ^^]
Our beloved Dr.Raihanah, it has been quite sometimes when you taught us Malaysia in narration and West in narration. I remember back then, you’re in my ‘I-am-so-afraid-of-you’ list [no offend please]. But now it seems that you’re one of the warmest lecturers in PPBL. Dr. Raihanah is like a heater in a cold cold night [again, simile ^^].
Until then, 작별 [I’m a true Korean maniac!] 

cheers;  Miss-you-know-who

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Critical Appreciation said...

A good point of view, newbies are warm and acceptable 4 u while Dr. Raihanah is a very kind and generous lecturer,,among the best..not everyone thought of that, but u did..congrats, and thanks 4 treating us like a family 2 u..hoping 2 c u in the next class,sis..nyte!

-The Sniper-

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