• noun:   conformity to one's own sense of right conduct
    Example: "A person of unflagging conscience"
  • noun:   a feeling of shame when you do something immoral
    Example: "He has no conscience about his cruelty"
  • noun:   motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person's thoughts and actions 

The reason I want to talk about this is because most people seem to care too much about people's respond than acting according to their own conscience.

I'll give you a few examples here.
Let's just begin with small gestures.
Even thou I'm one who is still practicing to do so in everyday life.

1st off is Greeting. 
Greeting can be in the form of a Smile, a Good Day, a Hello. It doesn't matter.
Back in my school days, a Teacher told me, that when you see a Teacher, Greet them. 
Regardless or not, they acknowledge you. 
You must understand that not all Teachers greet their Students. 
But it is Crucial that we students practice the Habit of Greeting them.
After all, we should always show Respect to someone wiser than us.

Just yesterday, I was buying some things at a place, but the salesgirl is like "malas to layan u" with the expression of a poker face.
I said Thank You to her and my cousin ask me, why do I need to Thank this kind of people?
I simply answer her back, it's not what kind of people I'm telling Thanks to that matters.
It's what kind of people that I am when I said so.
I'm simply acting according to my own conscience.

There's another time when some Indian guy come asking for donation to build temple.
So I gave him a couple of notes,
And my mum was saying.
These Indian people "entah ya bukan", always come collect money to built temples.
Ask me next time just say I don't have money, whatsoever.
Then I told her.
Well, if he has the Intention to Con me, he's the one at Wrong, he shall pay for his Sins. Not me.
If he really did Con me, he'll pay for what he Con for eventually. Not me.
I, on the other hand, gave him the money with the Intention to Help. Nothing more.
Even if it's not counted as a Deed. I did not commit a Sin by doing so.
As I said, I believe in KARMA.
So whatever it is. I only did what I thought I should do.
I simply act according to my Conscience.
And that's Suffice to know.

So my point here is that. Live your life and do whatever it is according to your Conscience. Don't worry about what other people think. Don't worry if you end up looking like a fool by helping someone else. Know that you're not one of the bystanders that do nothing when someone needed help then you're doing something right. So please. Be who you think you want to be. Not how others want you to be. =)


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