Words and Critical Appreciation by Onion

Hi it's me again.

Sometimes I do wonder the significance of manipulating words in order to implant ideas or concepts into readers' brain.

Squishy as they might be, readers can simply shut off their interpretation part of mind and stare blankly at the screen as if some malfunctioning laser scanner who refused to scan the details of an item, hoho.

It may sounds like the writer had reached a stage where readers are and will struggle to climb up and reach that particular jar of concepts.

Hence assumptions come in.

A assumed so-and-so press this button in order to get the machine to run.

B thought by kicking so-and-so part of the machine it will heigh ha and galloped.

C preferred "Shower Me With Your Love" kinda teaching and the machine will kneel down and repent "Sorry it's my mistake for not working!"

A machine is a machine, afterall.

Same occurred in words.

They have no heartbeats, no hunger, no thirst, no pain, no anything.

Yet they conquer EVERYTHING.

Sometimes I do wonder we as the manipulator or words.

Words said: Heigh Ha!!

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RaihanahMM said...

I agree that we are master manipulators when it comes to using words, after all, its our one basic form of communication. But what is also worth remembering is this, as much as we manipulate words into saying and doing what we want them to do and say, we also are good at creating wonderful imageries that can transport a fellow human being to a different time and space. Isn’t that a feat worthy of praise?

I just came across this poem today which captivates my imagination. What is it like to be a mountain?

by Elaine Magliaro

Wear a snow-white cap
and a thick coat of evergreens.
Scratch your stony back with glaciers.
Tower over the tops of other mountains.
Let the sun sparkle on your summit.
Hide drowsing bears
in your deep brown pockets.
At night
poke your head above the clouds
and peek at the stars.


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