Mr Lunatic and His Share Of Onions by Onion

-Hi mate, glad to see you here. It may sounds like I am a bit crooked in mind,but then I always ask questions about every individual as well as the society. Take human instinct for example. Human beings are different from the animals as this species can think (or procrastinate, you might said)of past and future. They can be worry about every little issues in daily life till the major decisions to choose a path. Walk with 2 legs, study, get good results, interact with other homo sapiens, get engaged to another individual, marriage, print money notes and burn them to satisfy their basic living needs(some with higher production speed may burn as fierce as they like), cover or uncover their bodies to suit the situation, produce offsprings, aged, harden, crumple, disappear.

-Gone with the wind.

-I do wonder what are we capable to think of if the word "death" is no longer exist in the dictionary of mankind? We will never have a single thought on meaning of life and toss away all the thick bulky philosophies of Plato,Socrates and every dead living beings?

-Affected by formation of the full moon, I was addressed by my surrounding as "LUNAtic". It's only a paper moon, by the way. The way we interpret our ecosystem, our breeding ground.

-Want some fried onions? They are still hot.

-The world is nothing but a fugly fishbowl and we as the goldfishes choked till death of our own digestion products.We bang our head against the fishbowl and lead our life with Kafkaseque lifestyle,relying on food shelter mate and so on. We broadcast our biography as if a movie film unrolled. We as the puppets jolt our limbs according to the script and jolt and jolt and jolt until the colours fades and the knots untie.

-I can be both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, who will give a damn about it really? Coexistence of both qualities enable the tug war between the angels and devils to continue. Hence we have fictional facts to cling on. We create human education and complicate it by throwing in prejudices and assumptions.

-A-P-P-L-E is an apple. To describe an apple, you must string the letters together in the correct order.

-I am not so bright.People said I am mentally retarded and I think it's true since more that 3 human beings addressed me like that.

-I am afraid the fact that we can do whatever we love to do is not easily understand by others. Live according to the judgments or expectations of your same-species is exhausting.

-Ok, Let's call it a day. Guess I will spread my newspaper here and sleep off the night. Thank you for listening to me, paper moon. If you need another serving of fried onions, just show your face in the sky. I will get them from the Domino Pizzas'rubbish bin.(The rich people burn them, too.)

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:Penthius: said...

+It's oni true if 10 ppl said so. Haha. xD

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