Cocacola And Critical Apprieciation By Onion

I empty the Cocacola can with 3 slurps. Burp. Of course, insert advertisements in the blog post is not my intention to write on this particular blog.(Cocacola IS nice, by the way) Allow me to spread my fingers and count how many days had passed. 1,2,3....ugh,I am bad in Mathematics. Anyway, MANY MANY days had passed and I am supposed to grow up (or any direction)after the lecturer's fertilisation (don't get the wrong idea, please)and massive plantation (IF those plants are not uprooted YET)on my plain brain. Come to think about it, am I honoured to pour meaningless words which indicates nothing but my personal opinions on this blog? Well(shrug), younger generation nowadays are generally infected with the fast-food-sickness. Everything counts on efficiency and not surprisingly for us to have we-need-the-effect-NOW! kinda thinking. So, if i've to continue my writing it's going to be a waste of time as the word "productivity" is missing. "What are you trying to talk about?!" readers might ask. Hence, it's better to end it this way:

Cocacola is nice.

2 critiques:

RaihanahMM said...
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RaihanahMM said...

From ramblings we may see the genesis of a string of thought that may just take us further than where the string would have. So go forth and ramble.

i am excited
that you are excited
that these ramblings
for free.

i am excited
that you are excited
that you are exchanging
with me.

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