Reading and the Reader

This is a blog post i read today which i think is relevant for us. What do we set out to discover when we read a book (or poem or play or short story, or for that matter watch a film and listen to a song)?

As Nathan Bransford, the literary agent suggests, reading engages us with the ability to know more about our self. As he says, "It's not about the book. It's about you and whether the book spoke to you."

What do you think? Do you agree?

Check out the full post and decide if he 'spoke' to you.

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Critical Appreciation said...

+Cudn't agree more.
+I dun read best sellers juz bcoz they r best sellers.
+I only do so if I feel that's what I'll like.
+N ppl rly shud stop judging a book by it's cover. Literally.
+Without opening the pages, it is unfair that they judge 2 soon.


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