Week 8

hello everybody
just wanna say I FEEL SO BLOODY ELATED!!!!!!!
coz we finished our assignment 2 and we didnt flunk it
it was really interesting to see all the groups present and see different insights and themes from the different texts.
it was a pretty laid back class today as we just had to present and watch the others present
and we even had to give our opinions at the end of each presentation which i thought was cool so we could take it as a form of constructive criticism and improve next time for our future presentations.
thanks you guys for the positive feedback. :)
one thing i must point out is that all the groups suffered from the time contraint
no worries though coz its our first time presenting a literature oral presentation
and with literature we're just overflowing with opinions and ideas regarding the texts
so next time we just gotta master the skill of time.

well i think i've babled enough over here dont wanna give you guys an eyesore going through my rambling so fare thy well dear people

Arththi Sathananthar 25/8/09

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