WEEK 7 and the one's i missed..

greetings everyone. this is my second post since dr raihanah created this blog specially for us. my apologies. it has been awhile for i was quite lost in class. am still unfamiliar with 'literature' and its beautiful language. i begun to understand bits and pieces..but not so much.today, i learn that it is important to study 4 things in a text - characterization, figurative language, point of view and ah........i lost it. im slowly starting to learn..how to get a theme from a text..it should be stated in a sentence. i am glued to the song 'I Am Not My Hair' by India Arie...thanks to dr raihanah. i havent heard of it before till dr played it in class. it is generally about a Black women not living life according to her culture/tradition. she is discriminated for her physical appearances. she sends out the message that her physical appearance does not define her..she is someone different in the inside. from this text, i learnt that people will always talk no matter what. its our nature to do so. so, this should not stop us from being ourselves.
thank you.

Eliza Maria Benjamine

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Waterfall said...

well done! you've just done a critical appreciation of 'I'm not my hair'. Forget about the term Literature. Focus on what a 'text' (song/poem/novel/film etc) 'says' to you.

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