Week 6~Text and Theme and Week 7~2nd Assignment

It's been a while since i last posted something here..Sorry,was having quite a hectic time these 2 weeks as i have 5 assignments to do at the same time..During week 6,i learned about "issues and the unsaid" which circles around 2 main things,theme and plot..I got to know that theme is the main concern of the whole text whereas plot is only the storyline/sequence of the text..Theme is just like conflict where we can identify it into 3 groups:

  1. man-man

  2. man and self

  3. man and nature/God

There are 6 principles to remember when expressing a theme:

  1. There must always be a subject and predicate in a statement

  2. A theme must be general,not specifying characters

  3. It's best to avoid using terms like "all","every" and "always"

  4. Do not assume,surmise or use "known facts" to elaborate events in a text

  5. There may be more than 1 theme in a text

6. It's best to avoid using cliches to express a theme


In week 7,Dr.Raihana explains to us about a text by Wole Soyinka named "Telephone Conversation"..We divided ourselves into groups of either 4 or 5 and discuss about the theme of this text in our own group..I'm lucky to be in the same group as RT,Daniel and Eliza..The themes we found in this text are breaking the bounds of stereotype, racial discrimination and identity-colour of skin..We are going to do our assignment using a theme which is the same with a theme from this text,breaking the bounds of stereotypes..That's all for now..Gotta go~

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