hello everyone hope i havent been forgotten i know i havent posted in awhile but here i am whether u like it or not :p
before i start i need to make a slight correction due to a slight error i made during my last post about inner talk
to begin with there's no term called inner talk its actually internal monologue inner talk's just another informal term for it.

so in the past 2 classes we learned that from now when you're looking at a text there are several aspects you should take into consideration
1. characterisation
2. Point Of View
3. Narrative Voice
5. Theme

I would also like to add during one of our tutorial tasks we had to sorta analyse India Arie's I'M NOT MY HAIR
to me i just fell in love with that song i really liked how she changed the POV going from 1st person to 3rd person .She gives different cultural aspects of things she had to do from an African American POV. She talks about how different stages in her life she had went to many hairstyles to try and find out who she was. But in the end she learned that her hair doesn't define who she is as a person. 'Iam not my hair I am not this skin/I am the soul that lives within". she teaches us that our looks doesnt define who we are on the inside," It's not whats on your head/Its whats underneath''. No matter what hairstyle we have it doesnt change who we are on the inside,''Does the way I wear my hair make me a better person?/Does the way I wear my hair make me a better friend? /Does the way I wear my hair determine my integrity?''

In this superficial world that we live in its important that there are songs out there in the media that stresses the importance of beauty within. Thanks Dr. Raihana for introducing that song.
we need more songs like that than hannah montana songs *no pun intended :p*

well thats all from me today folks would love some feedback
good luck to everyone working on our 2nd assingment

arththi sathananthar 18/8/09

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Waterfall said...

Thank your for the summary of the lesson. glad the song struck a cord with you, IndiaArie's songs are inspirational, check out "Beautiful Flower" the song she wrote for Oprah's kids at the South African leadership institute.

Critical Appreciation said...

thanks so much for that will check it out soon ;)

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