This week,we learned something new again..I don't know whether it's new to the others,but it is to me..Dr.Raihana taught us about characterization which talks about round/dynamic character and flat/static character..Round character are the leading roles in a movie or story where the story normally centers around the round character,talking about his life and describing his biography..Whereas flat character is the supporting character..We don't know much about this character as it is not describe thoroughly..Then i learned more new stuff..It's about soliloquy and exposition (characters development)..Soliloquy means talking to oneself whereas exposition means the background information shown in the text..Lastly before class ends,Dr.Raihana showed us a clip of a famous movie "The taming of the Shrew"..I don't understand what the character is talking about as she speaks in a very heavily accented tone,but i do get the gist of it i hope..I think she is scolding or lecturing the other 2 women who are unfaithful to their king,because in her mind,she thinks that a woman's place is by her husband (or in their case,the king)..These are the new stuff i learned about in Dr.Raihana's class this week..

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Waterfall said...

Just to clear things up the two clips we watched - the one is the monologue by Katherine or Kate from The taming of the Shrew (which is the one that has the character speak directly to men and women in the room about expectations as wives and husbands). the other movie clip we watched was Pride and Prejudice (in which we considered the point of view presented in the opening scene).

Critical Appreciation said...

thanks a lot for the comment ^O^

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