just when you thought this blog had gone into an enchanted slumber
I've given it the "true Love's kiss" and its back and here to stay (well for another semester at least)
so then this semester me and my fellow course mates are taking INTRODUCTION TO GENRES
taught by the lovely, witty Dr. Arezou
now its been 3 weeks into class so I'm gonna be posting all 3 weeks worth of reports lol in this post
FYI this time around I've got to start typing properly enough with the annoying short forms
its time to get serious right?


an important question posed was WHAT IS LITERATURE FOR???
i came up with a few answers
  1. to understand other cultures, ways of living
  2. to inspire you creatively, kick start your imagination
  3. to emphatize with other people's life experiences, situations gone through
  4. to make you realise and see mundane things in a different perspective
  5. serves as a form of escapism from the real world
However according to HORACE( greek poet) literature is for ~
  1. enjoyment
  2. understanding
GENRE is broken into~
  1. poetry
  2. drama
  3. prose ( novels, short stories)
*novels and short stories are formats NOT genres
* in literature many answers are accepted so long as there's evidence

and thats round 1
moving on to the next round


this time we focused of the non-fiction genre

5 types of fiction genres ( these aren't all the genres)
  1. mystery
  2. fantasy
  3. science fiction/speculative fiction
  4. realistic fiction
  5. historical fiction

2 types of non- fiction genres
  1. biography
  2. autobiography
autobiography= biography of yourself written by you
biography= biography of yourself written by another

elements in autobiographies and biographies~
  1. may be a lifespan, or an important part in that person' s life
  2. almost always told in CHRONOLOGICAL order
  3. important details about the person's life, how he/she thinks or feels
  1. narrative - telling a story ( fiction), but can be used in non-fiction if an autobiography in done in a narrative style or in history too
  2. expository - facts, reality ( non-fiction) used in history, science, politics, philosophy etc.
memoirs= anecdote, a part of your life, focuses more on feelings and has higher emotional level, not neccessarily chronological, narrative structure

diary/journal= discrete entries arranged by date reporting daily events, not meant to be published

autobiography= more time centered, dates and facts, intention of publishing

now i hope you lot found that a thorough analysis because i sure did and my brain is still oozing with more juices for the next post

Arththi Sathananthar


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