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anyways melodramatics aside let's take a trip to the past to find out what happened in


this lecture was all about HISTORY, well to be more precise HISTORICAL FICTION
what are the key elements in historical fiction?
  1. its a type of realistic fiction
  2. the plot reflects problems or events of the period
  3. sometimes the story is based on actual historical events and people of that period
  4. details about clothing, tools, food MUST be authentic to that period
there are 4 types of historical fiction
  1. real historical figures in the context of the challenges they faced
  2. real historical figures in imagined situations
  3. fictional characters in documented historical situations
  4. fictional characters in fictional situations, but in context of the historical period
* historical fiction= artistic mix of fiction and historical facts
* there should be a harmony between characters and setting
* historical fiction is about CHARACTERS not the event

historian= focuses on events
historical fiction writer= focuses on characters of those events

3 permutations of historical fiction
  1. timeshift stories - modern/historical character transported out of their time zones
  2. alternate history- "what if" situations in history eg, Nazi victory in WWII
  3. historical fantasy- characters in historical period depicted alongside elements of fantasy, dragons, wizards, mermaids
well that is pretty much it
i apologize if this post seems not in depth enough
and also for the lack of inspiration due to personal reasons that would put your to sleep
till the next post (hopefully from SOMEONE ELSE)

Arththi Sathananthar

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