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so then with our finals only 2 days away i thought i'd post a little something
here are some of the poems we've done in class and my view and some of dr raihana's on it regarding thematic concern.

"Snake" D.H.Lawrence
theme =
nature vs nurture
struggle within (man + himself)

"One Perfect Rose" Dorothy Parker
theme =
how one is dissatisfied with cliches and wants something more lasting and substantial in a relationship
gender representation = women deserve better, men think its enough to give women just

"The Sick Rose" William Blake
theme =
vulnerability and innocence of a woman and how she can get tangled up in darker,
sinister events

"The Rose Family" Robert Frost
beauty in the eye of the beholder
different types of beauty to appreciate ( external/internal)

"Telephone Conversation" Wole Soyinka
man + man (conflict)
colour of skin as a mark of one's identity
break stereotypical boundaries of intelligence
racial profiling = reducing the identity of another based on their ethnic group
white supremacy = white people more dominant than other races, eg. Africans

"Stop All The Clocks" W.H. Auden
is love eternal or is it a physical need?

"How Crazy Are Those Who Love You So Much" Kishwar Naheed
in a patriarchal society a woman has no voice and is seen as a mere possesion
feminist criticism = woman objectified due to social injustice
inequality between man and woman due to patriarchal society

hope this helped in some way anything u would like to add please go ahead and get the "juices flowwing" (literature wise of course)

Arththi Sathananthar 27/10/09

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