oh my god indeed i can't believe I'm posting another entry right after the last one consecutively
well enough idle chatter for we need to focus on what went down during


this class was all about dragons, princesses, elves, wizards, talking animals, castles not because we magically got transported into a magical land but because we learned about the FANTASY genre

fantasy is broken to
  1. fables
  2. fairy tales
  3. myths
  4. tall tales
fantasy = not real, imagination, can be modern or ancient

  1. there's always a lesson/morale at the end of the story
  2. not real/ imaginative/ fantasy
  3. a very short story
  4. characters usually talking animals and minimal
fable dissection chart
  1. Exposition - characters and setting
  2. Rising Action- events leading to conflict
  3. Conflict- struggle in the story
  4. Falling Action- events resulting from conflict
  5. Moral - lesson learnt
  1. distant past, Once upon a time...
  2. a seemingly impossible problem is presented but always solved
  3. battle between good vs evil
  4. has a happy ending where good triumphs over evil, And they lived happily ever after....
  5. set in castles, forested countrysides, villages
  6. characters are royalty, mermaids, unicorns, giants, elves, witches, dragons, beasts.....
  1. usually about a hero that's larger than life
  2. situations/ problems solved in humorous way
  3. exaggerated details
  4. based on actual people or a composite of them
  1. stories past from generation to generation
  2. imaginative plots and characters to explain human behaviouristic patterns
  3. set in nature, ancient times
  4. stories told that belong to a culture
  1. about a hero
  2. may be based on facts and real history but becomes distorted through re-tellings
  1. originally told orally
  2. 3rd person point of view
  3. past from generation to generation
  4. ancient times
  5. animals talking, inanimate objects, some human beings, magical creatures
  6. good and intelligence always prevail over evil and foolishness
  7. authors usually unknown
well that rounds up all 3 classes in 2 entries
many apologies if this last post was rather dull and lifeless
i suppose that's what happens if you sit in front of your laptop for hours on end and spent the past one and a half hours blogging
its clears my creative juices have all dried up

but till next class there will be new creative beverages to be served.
so for now do be kind and leave a comment or two for comments are as rare as leprechauns' gold and if i had any i would be over the moon

Arththi Sathananthar 8/1/10

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