hello everybody
told u it wouldnt be the end of this blog
now then in today's class all the groups presented their last assignment
all the posters were really well done
i was really impressed with the mastery of some people's artwork and IT picture editing skills
i do hope to pick up something to help me in my future assignments
i'm having trouble uploading my group's poster so hopefully yvonne will kindly do so

dr raihana also encouraged us to write more on the literature blogs that has been set up whether its this one or the other
i too feel we should start expressing our thoughts into these outlets because some of us dont voice our thoughts in class so maybe it would be best to voice it out on the blog and be anonymous doing so. not trying to harp on anyone but it would be really good to see both blogs being livened up!!

as this was our last class for CA we were all given the chance to say a few last words ( why does it sound like it was a funeral)
anyways and for no apparent reason i got all choked up and i was completed suprised.
i suppose i've been so overwhelmed with all these feelings of gratitude and awe towards the CA class those feelings sorta ran amok perhaps.

anyways more important final exam is approximately 14 days till the final CA paper
its only split into 2 questions
question 1 = identifying POV and giving examples to justify it
question 2 = critical appraisal on a POEM, discuss the themathic concern
so dr raihana pretty much walked us through it
hope we all dont dissapoint her and ace it with flying colours

thats all from me for now GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE
and another thing i'd like to add "when live throws u lemons u make lemonade" (something very imporant to bear in mind

lots of love,
Arththi Sathananthar 13/10/09

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Waterfall said...

I especially like the 'say your peace' sessions as it gives everyone an opportunity to reflect on the journey they took these last 3 and half months.

Did it sound like a funeral? well, in some ways its the end of your first semester - so yeah some finality is there but then, 'death' tends to be followed by a new beginning, in this case, the lesson also marks the beginning of greater awareness of your responsibility over your education at the university, which was want the reflective exercise was for. here's to greater awareness of one's learning and living :)

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