The end

ok just chill just because the title says its "the end"
it doesnt mean its the end of me posting here( nope im not going to give you guys the satisfaction lol)
what i mean is the end of the semester is only 5 weeks away.
but im honestly going to miss coming to dr raihana's class every tuesday.
for the past 2 weeks we havent had any insighting lectures from her as we've been preparing for our final assignment.
we have to give birth( figuratively lol) to a poster that represents the elements of the short story we're supposed to critically appraise.
so far my group's progress is turning out well.
once its done we're definetely gonna put it up here so we can gloat to the rest of the world how awesome we are ( JUST KIDDING)

i do apologise to my faithful readers (if i have any) that i havent posted in about 2 weeks.
i wasnt sorta stuck coz there's been no lectures on class and my blog posts are usually reports on the lectures
but no fears there's more to come from these fingers.
perhaps this post was kinda pointless so i hope i didnt waste the 40seconds of ur life that u took to read this

till the next post
Arththi Sathananthar 6/10/09

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