my my how time does fly.
i cant believe its week 9 already feels like just yerterday we were in class going through 'THE SNAKE' with dr raihana and just look at us now we've discussed figurative language, characterisation, POV, narrative voice, theme, and completed 2 assignments already.

so then we discussed reader response in the previous lecture.
so we've learnt that when we're critically analysing a literary work, its not just the context, form and author thats taken into consideration but also how the reader's response on the text. since the 60s literature has been more reader based and the author's purpose is ignored.

from a reader's response we can get
  1. reader brings text to life
  2. reader identifies the unsaid in a text
  3. each reader has a different POV "could be seen as"
  4. reader is the one that matters concerning the text
  5. reader connects and relates to text through past experiences and personal background
  6. reader can judge a text based on community( racial, religious, gender)
  7. reader needs to be more critical and observant

another interesting formula given by dr raihana TEXT+ READER = INTERPRETATION

other things i would like to highlight on

New Criticism & Formalism = literature based on text, text centred

Biographical Approach = author centred

Patriarchal Society = patriarch; leader of the community is a man

well i suppose this is a pretty in depth post hope it helps for our finals. thats all from me

Arththi Sathananthar 2/9/09

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Waterfall said...

i appreciate the synopsis of what took place in class each week, RT. Feels like, ok, someone paid attention :).

Critical Appreciation said...

thanks dr hope i havent been plagiarising ur words lol

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