Wow..How time flies..Firstly,i would like to say sorry i have not posted anything sooner..I'm having a tight schedule,what with my PSS assignment that had yet to be understand,my sketch and my Pesta Tanglung marketing stuff..Second thing is i would like to wish all muslim friends "Selamat Berpuasa"..Third thing is i would like to thank my group members of assignment 2 (RT,Daniel and Eliza) in guiding,supporting and helping me all along in the assignment when i'm feeling not very well at that time..I'm very delighted to be in the same group as you guys..Thanks..Not to forget also,i would like to thank Dr.Raihana in guiding us along the way and giving me the words of wisdom that makes me feel more confident now..Thanks Dr..

Finally,i'm going to talk about our class today..Today,we learned about gender identity which is divided into "private experince of oneself" which is a personal matter and "social/cultural demands/expectations on man/woman" which is a public matter..Gender represents feminist critism..We covered several new and old texts like John Mayer's "Daughters" , India Arie's "I'm not my hair" , Beyonce Knowles' "All the single ladies" and others..We learned what a man and woman's needs are and what are the expectations of them from the society..We also watch some clips where i found 1 of it very disturbing and condemning..It's about some advertisments that exploits women where women are seen selling of goods with their physical apperance and body parts such as their naked body and their miles-long leg..What does all this body parts got to do with products and goods ?? Women are also God-made creatures who needs respect,appreciation and everything else as men..

At the end of our class,we are given our third assignment which is on a story named "Appetizer" by Robert H.Abel..I'm happy to say we are staying in the same group as in assignment 2..We need to do a critical appraisal which includes at least 2 aspects of critical appreciation we have learned so far..We are to choose 2 aspects out of 3 which are "language and meaning" , "characterization, point of view and conflict" and "issues and the 'unsaid' "..And then, we need to put it all in a poster for presentation..Thus,RT, Daniel, Eliza and me are going to meet up at PTSL after class to study and discuss our latest assignment tomorrow..We'll do our best Dr.Raihana..That's all for now..Good night ^O^ everyone~

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Waterfall said...

thanks yvvone.

Critical Appreciation said...

welcome dr..and,thanks a lot for all the guiding and teacching you've done..i felt very happy and lucky that i got to be in your class dr..but it's a shame this will only last till this semester..so sad >.<

by yvvone

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