What is critical appreciation?

To begin with let us unpack the phrase – critical appreciation. To be critical means to be able to judge the value of something or someone. To show appreciation, on the other hand, implies the ability to see the good or strength in something. Thus if we put the two words together, to conduct a critical appreciation implies the ability to assess the value in something towards showing the strength or good of that something.

How would one conduct a critical appreciation of a poem for example? The following are examples of a critical appreciation on DH Lawrence’s poem ‘Snake’.

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♥yvvone♥ said...

From what i have learn in Dr.Raihanah's class,i think critical appreciation is criticizing and also appreciating something,be it a poem,a short story or a text.Criticizing is where we look for something bad or the gaps in the text whereas appreciation is something we show when we find something good or the strengh of the text.In short,critical appreciation is understanding and evaluating of a text,and stating the strenghs and gaps in it.
PS:Just to be honest,I think i'm not a quick learner or a overly-bright student,so please tell me if and when i wrote something wrong.TQ ^~^

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Critical Appreciation of "The Snake" by D.H.Lawrence :
David Herbert Richards Lawrence(D.H.Lawrence) was born in Eastwood,Nottinghamshire,England on 11 September 1885.He was a famous English author,poet,playwright,essayist and literary critic who wrotes under the genre of modernism where his subjects were about emotional health and vitality,human sexuality and instinct.
His poem "The Snake" is about his fortuitous encounter with a snake where he was entranced by the sight of the snake,the way the snake move,and so on and so forth.He was honoured that the snake chose to drink from his water-trough,and he adored and regarded the snake like a king.
But,in the same time,the poet was also fearful of the snake,and he had a killer instinct to finish off the snake.This part shows the conflict between his genuine feelings and his logical thinking.His genuine feelings told him not to hurt the snake and just worship it,but alas,his logical thinking(his education background) overcomes his genuine feelings where he took a log and throw it at the snake.Although the log did not hurt the snake,the poet feels remorse and despised himself for doing it.

Source of D.H.Lawrence's info : WIKIPEDIA

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