CrItical Appreciation of the poem"SNAKE"by D.H.Lawrence

The poem "SNAKE" is written by a poet named D.H.Lawrence.David Herbert Lawrence was born on september 11,1885,in eastwood,nottinghamsire,central England.He wasthe fourth child.Lawrence childhood was dominated by poverty and friction between his parents.He was educated at nottingham high school,to which he had won a scholarship.After studies at nottingham university,lawrence matriculated at 22 years and briefly pursued a teaching career.In 1909,a number of lawrence's poem were published.The appearance of his first novel,'The White Peacock' in 1911,launced lawrence into a writing career.
The poem 'snake' was written by d.h.lawrence in 1920.It is about the persona's act of attacking a snake that was entering a hole after it took water in the water trough under a tree in his garden and he regrated for his act.He feels like he had been a coward.Morever the poet also talked about the persona's inner conflict or voice that the persona gone through.In general when we see a snake we will have a negative thought about it but in in this poem the persona confess that he likes te snake and the way its act.finally,the poet also stated that he wish to see the snake again so that he can expiate the chance get to know the snake.

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