critical appreciation on "snake"

The poem ‘Snake’ written by a very famous author named D.H Lawrence.D.H Lawrence was born in Eastwood, Notthinghamshire, England. The poem “snake” is one of his most popular poems. This poem has been taken from persona’s point of view. The poem is mainly about a man who struggle within himself whether he should follow his rational thinking or his feelings.. In the beginning of this poem. Persona saw a snake was drinking water from his water –trough when he went to get water for himself. Instead of running away, persona remained where he was standing and quietly watching the snake drinking water from his water-trough because persona was quite fascinated to see the snake. Persona actually enjoying the beautiful view without having any hatred towards the snake as for a normal person snake is a very poisonous and dangerous creature but here in this poem persona thinks another way around where he felt quite honored too see the snake. Persona assumed snake is a very powerful and strong creature and entitled the snake as ‘lord’ and ‘king’ in this poem to show that how great the snake is for him.
However the voices in persona’s mind saying to persona that he should kill the snake. The voices most probably were influenced by the persona’s education background, social thoughts and so on. The voices warned persona that he should kill the snake before the snake kills him. On the other hand, persona’s heart remained saying to him that he should not kill the snake. In addition, persona also mentioned about a religion where they believe that snake is an innocent creature – “For in sicily the black,black snakes are innocent,the gold are venomous”.These beliefs made persona felt that he really should not kill the snake. persona can’t express how happy he was to see the snake, but he scared what the society around him will think, that he is a coward because he do not dare to kill the snake ?or they for them it is something very shameful to feel honored too see a snake?
persona confessed that he very afraid of the snake. He felt that the snake might hurt him, and he started to feel insecured. Therefore persona hit the snake and the snake ran away. However persona felt very guilty and regret on his done. He realized his mistakes and he wished the snake could come back to him.
zainab ibrahim.

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